#10372 Diebold Mechling ( Martin Mechling )

Diebold was born 20 Aug 1657 in Hœrdt, Alsace, France. He died 5 Nov 1712 in Hohwiller, Alsace, France.

Diebold and his family sold their farm in 1700 and moved away from Hœrdt. Later records show them in Hohwiller.

As Lutherans, Diebold and his family probably worshipped in the church of St. Jean-Baptiste, built at the very end of the 15th century and seen to the right in this picture.

Diebold married first #66651 Anna Ruhlmann.

Anna was born 1614. She died 1685.

She is the daughter of Lorentz & Ursula Ruhlmann.

Children of this relationship:

#66652MiDiebold Mechling(1681–1682)
#66653FiiMargretha Mechling(1683–1683)
#66654FiiiAnna Mechling(1683–1683)
#66655UivVeltin Mechling(1684–)
#66656MvMartin Mechling(1687–1693)
#66657FviAnna Mechling(1689–)

Diebold married second #66648 Eva Riedenger. She is the daughter of Jacob & Eva (Hafner) Riedinger.

Marriage notes

They married 26 May 1692 in Hœrdt, Alsace, France.

You can see the German custom of reusing the names of children who died young. Our ancestor carries the same name as his eldest half-brother had, and a couple of siblings likewise bear the names of pre-deceased brothers or sisters.


Eva was born 12 Mar 1668 in Hœrdt, Alsace, France. She died 14 Mar 1755 in Hohwiller, Alsace, France.

In the notes of the legal proceedings after Margretha's death, Roland Stoll found a record dated 25 Apr 1755.

The first transcription was in [Stoll]:

Diebold Mächling so vor ungefähr 26 Jahre lediger auss in das neue Land gezogen, vor sechs Jahren aber Aus pensilvanien eschrieben, so dass Man solchen denoch bey leben zu seyn Vermutet.

Jacob Mächling, sei mit seinem Bruder Diebold fort gezogen und sich Auch in semlicher Zeitt melden lassen.

The following is a transcription done by the friend of a friend who is a German archivist and somewhat familiar with the grammar of that era:

Diebold Mächling so vor ohngefähr 26 Jahr lediger weiß in daß neue Land gezogen, vor sechs Jahren aber aus pensilvanien geschrieben, so daß mann solchen annoch bey Leben zu seyn vermeinet.

Jacob Mächling, sei mit seinem Bruder Deibold fort gezogen, und sich auch in nemlicher Zeith melden laßen.

Translated roughly:

Diebold Mächling, about 26 years ago he moved to the new country, 6 years ago he wrote from Pennsylvania, so we think he is now alive

Jacob Mächling migrated with his brother Diebold and gave news at the same time

Children of this relationship:

#66658FiEva Mechling(1693–)
#1519MiiDiebold "Theobald" Mechling(3 Nov 1694–Apr 1765)
#66659MiiiMartin Mechling(1696–1710)
#10373MivJacob Mechling(1 Jan 1699–7 Feb 1746)
#66660FvAnna Maria "Maria" Mechling(1700–1701)
#66661MviJohann Georg Mechling(1703–)

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Roland Stoll, Mechling: a trip from Hoerdt, Alsace, France to Philadelphia, PA, USA, PowerPoint listing of research notes, (2014).

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