#13001 Peter Macklin ( Dewalt MechlingJohn Theobald "Dewalt" MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

Peter was born 15 Sep 1780 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He was baptised 8 Oct 1780 in Old Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He died 14 Sep 1850. He was buried in White Church Cemetery, Lancaster, Ohio.

Peter married #22207 Mary Boyer.

Marriage notes

They married 1802.


Mary was born 1782. She died 1866. She was buried in North Cemetery, McClure, Henry Co., Ohio.

She is the daughter of Michael and Margaret (Clapper) Boyer.

Children of this relationship:

#22208MiJohn Macklin(27 Nov 1803–14 Feb 1892)
#22209MiiMichael Macklin(6 Oct 1803/4–14 Feb 1866)
#22210FiiiElizabeth Mechling(Abt 1805–)
#22211FivFrances Macklin(7 Mar 1808–3 Mar 1880)
#22212FvCatherine Macklin(24 Feb 1810–20 Dec 1862)
#22213FviMary Macklin(1 Feb 1811/2–26 May 1885)
#22214MviiJacob Macklin(Bef 1815–)
#22215FviiiSophia Macklin(14 Apr 1815–22 May 1886)
#22216FixHannah Macklin(13 Jun 1817–24 Jun 1859)
#22217FxRebecca Macklin(12 Feb 1819–24 Jun 1859)
#22218FxiSarah Macklin(1821–)
#22219FxiiLydia Macklin(29 Jul 1822–15 Aug 1904)
#22220MxiiiSamuel Macklin(9 Oct 1826–10 Dec 1847)

Dorothy Hallarn Mercy, Mechlin Mechling Macklin - Descendants of Theobald Mechling, 1728-1998, Volume I-Dewalt Mechling, (Butler, PA: Mechling Associates, 1998). Ref. as [Mercy I-98].

Line Generation: 6

Relationship: First Cousins Five Times Removed through John Theobald "Dewalt" Mechling