#1909 William Mechling ( John Jacob MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

William was born 23 Oct 1784 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He was christened 21 Nov 1784 in First Reformed Church, Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania. He died 18 Apr 1855 in Allen Co., Ohio. He was buried in Perry Co., Ohio.

In 1812 he moved to Perry Co., Ohio, from Westmoreland Co.,Pennsylvania.

William married first Esther Mechling

Marriage notes

They married 8 Oct 1807 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

William and Esther are first cousins once removed through Theobald & Anna Elizabeth (Lauer) Mechling.


Children of this relationship:

#1918MiJoshua Mechling(4 Dec 1809–17 Dec 1879)
#2149MiiWilliam Mechling(6 Jan 1811–1816)
#2150FiiiLouise Mechling(May 1812–13 Jun 1872)
#2151MivJacob Mechling(13 Nov 1813–20 Jun 1896)
#2152MvSamuel W. Mechling(12 Dec 1814–4 Sep 1886)

William married second #2085 Catherine Saumes.

Marriage notes

They married 2 Oct 1816.


Catherine was born 28 Dec 1790. She died 9 Jan 1853.

Children of this relationship:

#2153FiElizabeth Mechling(Mar 1817–Mar 1867)
#2154MiiSheppard Mechling(2 Feb 1819–29 Mar 1893)
#2155MiiiJohn Mechling(27 Nov 1820–23 Sep 1866)
#2156MivDavid Mechling(1821–)
#2157FvChristena Mechling(19 Mar 1825–2 Dec 1860)
#2158MviLevi Mechling(1827–27 Oct 1862)
#2159FviiHannah Mechling(1829–)
#2160MviiiJonas Mechling(1831–28 Jul 1871)

William (relationship status suppressed while one person possibly living) third #2086 Elizabeth Catherine Lutz.

(Information suppressed while possibly living)

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Line Generation: 5

Relationship: First Cousins Six Times Removed through Diebold "Theobald" Mechling