#22486 Sarah Caroline Turney ( Michael TurneyAnna Elizabeth MechlingJohn Theobald "Dewalt" MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

Sarah was born Dec 1845 in Clarion Co., Pennsylvania.

They moved to Ellsworth Co., Kansas between 1880 and 1881.

Sarah married #24235 Amos Toman.

Marriage notes

They married.


Amos was born 1840 in Pennsylvania. He died Bef 1900 in Kansas.

Children of this relationship:

#24236MiWilliam G. Toman(Aug 1866–)
#24237FiiFrances Toman(1871–)
#24238MiiiJames Michael Toman(Feb 1878–)
#24239FivSevilla E. Toman(Nov 1881–)

Line Generation: 7

Relationship: Second Cousins Four Times Removed through John Theobald "Dewalt" Mechling