#22638 Jane Ann Macklin ( Jacob MacklinDewalt MacklinDewalt MechlingJohn Theobald "Dewalt" MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

Jane was born 7 Dec 1830 in Wood Co., Ohio. She died 5 Jan 1901 in Saline Co., Nebraska. She was buried in Atlanta Center Cemetery, Saline Co., Nebraska.

A few years after their marriage, they moved westward. In 1855, they were in Whiteside Co., Illinois. Five years later, thjey were in Decater Co., Iowa. In 1861, they were in Filmore Co., Minnesota, then back to Iowa. Finally, they settled in Atlanta Center, Nebraska, where they stayed for the next 8 years.

Then they started to Oregon in a covered wagon caravan but, after suffering great hardship, they decided to turn back when the caravan reached Wyoming. They returned to Nebraska, where they lived in a sod house for 4 years near Swanton, Saline Co., Nebraska.

Jane married #24574 Elijah Crom.

Marriage notes

They married 4 Feb 1851 in Wood Co., Ohio.


Elijah was born 2 Jun 1827 in Stark Co., Ohio. He died 25 Apr 1893. He was buried in Atlanta Center Cemetery, Saline Co., Nebraska.

He is the son of Jacob & Anna (Overholser) Crom.

Children of this relationship:

#24575MiMartin Sylvester Crom(19 Nov 1851–9 Mar 1940)
#24576MiiGeorge Henry Crom(25 Sep 1853–17 May 1878)
#24577MiiiJohn LeRoy Crom(9 Jul 1855–22 Dec 1942)
#24578FivCatherine Ann Crom(3 Oct 1856–21 Nov 1926)
#24579MvDavid Elijah Crom(8 Mar 1859–6 Sep 1944)
#24580MviJacob Glosbrenner Crom(1 Mar 1860–18 Aug 1946)
#24581MviiWalter Scott Crom(1 Sep 1861–13 Jan 1935/1953)
#24582FviiiMary Elizabeth Crom(30 May 1863–17 Jan 1963)
#24583FixSara Jane Crom(22 Jun 1865–12 May 1866)
#24584MxCharles Justin "Justin" Crom(1 May 1867–7 Jul 1954)
#24585MxiWilliam Lincoln Crom(9 Sep 1869–21 Nov 1949)
#24586FxiiJulia Etta Crom(23 Apr 1872–6 Jul 1954)

Line Generation: 8

Relationship: Third Cousins Three Times Removed through John Theobald "Dewalt" Mechling