#65773 Darlene Cornell ( William Sylvester CornellFrank Lloyd CornellWilliam Sylvester CornellMary Ann MacklinDavid MacklinDewalt MacklinDewalt MechlingJohn Theobald "Dewalt" MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

(Information suppressed while possibly living)

Darlene (relationship status suppressed while one person possibly living) #65774 Brad Leosh.

(Information suppressed while possibly living)

Children of this relationship:

#65783FiHeather Leosh 
#65784MiiHeath Leosh 
Unknown BranchLink to descendants whose parent in this generation is uncertain.

Line Generation: 12

Relationship: Sixth Cousins One Times Removed through John Theobald "Dewalt" Mechling