#1890 Joseph Seyler

Other names for Joseph: Johann Jost Seyler, Jost Seyler.

As noted in the introduction, our only evidence for Joseph so far is his son's death registration, which ties him into Ellen Catherine Allison three generations later.

Whether Joseph is also the father of John Christian Seyler, and whether J.C. is the ancestor of James Seyler, and whether Joseph's real name is Johann Jost Seyler, as many have postulated, is all a matter for family speculation in the absence of any documentation.

Joseph married #1901 Elizabeth.

If her husband is synonymous with Jost Seyler, then she is presumably Elizabeth Heckert.

Children of this relationship:

#20412MiJohn Christian Seyler(Bef 1774–)
#366MiiJohn Peter "Peter" Seyler(17 May 1776–8 May 1855)

Peter Seyler death registration, taken 18 May 1855 by Samuel Kryder and D. Allison at Peter's home, Porter Twp., Clinton Co., Pennsylvania, registered and filed 23 May 1855. In 2006, copy in possession of Tad Deffler

Line Generation: 1

Relationship: Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather