This site is a collation of descendants of my great4th-grandfather, Judah Cominsky. Documentary evidence starts with his son, Shmoel Shoel Cominsky, and the only source for Judah found so far is an assertion on the JewishGen site. However, it seems worthwhile to include him for now. This site also includes descent from my great3rd-grandmother, Slavah Bunyan, who was married to Shmoel Shoel Cominsky. As I have no other information about her family at this time, creating separate line of descent would be completely redundant with that of her husband.

Slutsk lies south of Minsk and just west-southwest of Babruysk (Bobruisk). This area changed hands often; it has been part of Russia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania as well an independent country at various times in its history. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the family emigrated, it was part of the Russian Empire.

As with any name Anglicized from another language and alphabet, there are multiple spellings of the surname to be found. I have used Cominsky or Kaminsky, as appropriate, where family preference seems to be indicated and Cominsky as a generic variation when such does not exist as that seems to be the spelling preferred by the family at large.

The information here comes from various Cominsky descendants, both in my line and others, with particular note of a family tree done by Jack Kaminsky and to the work done by the Cominsky Family Circle.