Change Log

The following individuals have edit dates in the last 90 days. However, they may seem unchanged as the modification may have been to data that I don't show on these Web pages.

Unfortunately, the genealogy software does not track edit dates on anything but the records pertaining to an individual. There may have been changes to information that doesn't touch an individual record, such as a marriage date or marriage location, and that won't be noted here.

♦ 04 Feb 2019 ♦  

Estelle Relkin #192

♦ 29 Dec 2018 ♦  

Ida Cohen #190

Judel "Julius" Relkin #191

Marvin Herman Schroeder #183

Bonnie Mae Wagman #193

Myron "Mike" Wagman #182

♦ 25 Nov 2018 ♦  

Alfred "Al" She #1149