#189 Avram "Nathan" Relkin

Other names for Nathan: Abram Cominsky.

Nathan was born Abt 1862 in Russia. He died Bef 1907 in Russia.

Nathan's first name comes from his son, Julius', marriage record.

The two children, Israel and Pinya, do not show on all genealogies.

Nathan married #188 Chai Yentil "Yetta" Cominsky. She is the daughter of Schmoel Schoel & Slavah (Bunyan) Cominsky. She is an ancestor in the Kaminsky Line.

Other names for Yetta: Chaya Cominsky, Chayentil Cominsky, Chaje Relkin, Yetta Relkin.

Yetta was born Abt 1862 in Slutsk, Russia. She died 30 Aug 1934 in Bronx, Bronx Co., New York. She was buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, Queens Co., New York.

Chayentil appears on the passenger list of the ship Rijndam, which sailed from Rotterdam and arrived in New York on 11 Jun 1907. She is listed Chaje Relkin. She is listed as a widow, 4' 11" in height with a dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. She is traveling with four of her children: Slave (female), Welwel (male), Bluner (female) and Rossen (male).

There is a bit of a mystery on this passenger list. Yetta says that her passage was paid by her son-in-law, D. Cominsky, living in New York City. Her daughter, Slave says her passage was paid by a cousin, D. Cominsky. We know of no husband of Yetta's daughters with that name. Theory #1 would be that the child noted in the 1910 Census that died by this point was a daughter whose husband was D. Cominsky. The difficulty with this is that this person would not have been Slave's cousin but, rather, a brother-in-law. Theory #2 is that the relationship was not son-in-law, but nephew-in-law. Yetta's brother, Dobeh, had a daughter, Slaveh, who married a Kaminsky. This person would have been a cousin (in-law) of Slave.

She appears on the 1910 Federal Census of Manhattan, New York as Yetta Relkin. This census would put her birth date Abt 1862; the 1920 Census will put it Abt 1865. She immigrated in 1907. She could read and write...presumably Yiddish or Russian since the 1920 Census will note that she is illiterate in English. It indicates that William, Sadie, Bella and Nathan arrived with her, so I would equate William to Welwel, Sadie to Slave, Bella to Bluner and Nathan to Rossen. She is listed as illiterate here. There are two boarders living with them.

There is some confusion about her listing of children. Yetta states that six of her seven children are still alive, and six names are given. However, the family knows of a Ben Relkin, son of Yetta, in addition to the children listed in the census. Further, a Berl Relkin immigrated in 1903 listing David Kaminsky (Yetta's brother) as an uncle. On the 1910 Census of Manhattan, we find a Ben Relkin, immigrated in 1903, living in Manhattan. The theory is that Yetta misunderstood the question as, "How many of your children are living with you?"

On the 1920 Federal Census of the Bronx, her name is given as Jette Relkin. She was not naturalized at this point.

On the 1930 Federal Census she is living in the Bronx with her daughter, Sadie Berger.

Jack Kaminsky's family tree lists an eighth child, Israel. So far, I've found no evidence of Israel's existence outside of that tree.

Children of this relationship:

#951MiIsrael Relkin(–Deceased)
#267MiiBerl "Ben" Relkin(15 Sep 1883–Deceased)
#195MiiiSamuel "Sam" Relkin(Abt 1887–23 Feb 1932)
#191MivJudel "Julius" Relkin(25 Dec 1888/1890–5 Feb 1959)
#952FvPinya Relkin(–Deceased)
#11FviSlave "Sadie" Relkin(Abt 1896–20 Sep 1943)
#8MviiWelwel "William" Relkin(16 Jun 1898–24 Jun 1970)
#9FviiiBluner "Bella" Relkin(Abt 1900–5 Sep 1988)
#4MixRossen "Nathan" Relkin(1901–21 Jul 1950)

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Line Generation: 1

Relationship: Great-Great-Grandfather