#66139 Jacob Thomas

Jacob was born Abt 1663. He died 17 Apr 1738.

Determining Jacob as the grandfather of Gerhardt Thomas is based upon the research and citations of Rich Thomas on his Web site, largely due to church records in Pleizenhausen, Germany. Equating Gerhardt Thomas to ancestor Garret Thomas is based upon matching emigration records from Germany with immigration records in America.

Rich Thomas notes that Jacob may have been the son of Franz Jost & Elisabetha Eva Thomas. Franz was born 1636 in Bergenhausen, Germany and married Elisabeth 9 Nov 1956 in the Protestant Church, Simmern, Germany.

Jacob died at age 75.

He may have had two older children. The first was Maria Catharina (abt 1685), who married David Götz and had children: Johann Jacob, Maria Catharina, Maria Sophia, Johann Michael, Johann Peter, Maria Elisabetha, Anna Maria and Johann Paul. The second was Michael, who was born abt 1694 and confirmed 1708 in the Protestant Church in Pleizenhausen.

Jacob married #66140 Elisabeth.

Other names for Elisabeth: Elisabeth Thomas.

Elisabeth was born Abt Jun 1659 in Germany. She died 17 Oct 1724 in Pleizenhausen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Children of this relationship:

#66141FiMaria Eva Thomas 
#66142Uii«Unknown» Thomas(–14 Aug 1699)
#66138MiiiJohann Peter Thomas(Bef 15 Jan 1696–4 Feb 1743)

Rich Thomas, "My Genealogy Research...A Web Site by Rich Thomas", http://www.rtgenealogy.net/. Individual research and citing Professor Werner Hacker, Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany (to American and other countries), (Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, 1994), 456-457

Line Generation: 1

Relationship: Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather