Corrections & Additions

I welcome any and all corrections and additions, even (especially) typos. I correct or note obvious errors where I find them, but they aren't always obvious and I'm sure I've accidentally introduced a few mis-transcriptions of my own here and there.

As a compilation from a wide variety of sources, this database clearly does not meet any standard for authoritative genealogical proof. Much of it hearsay or family legend. However, I hope it is useful or, at least, fun.

Requests for Additional Information

All of the information that I'm willing to disclose is generated to the Web pages. If the information is not shown here, then I don't have the children's names, or the marriage date, or whatever fact, available.

There is no additional information for you to request.

Name Changes

In general, I've used the earliest name I know of for an individual's primary name. This is usually the birth name or adoptive name if the child was adopted as a baby. Later name changes, including adoptions, are recorded as name changes.

I don't automatically assume a woman took her husband's surname. If you send me a specific married name, I'll add it to the database and this will allow that person to be indexed under the married name as well as their primary name.

In the case of a woman who remarries, it would be very helpful if you would indicate if the name you supply is her maiden name or her previous married name since I do not use married names as the primary name of an individual (though, of course, it will be recorded and indexed).


I'm Tad Deffler in this database, and you can email me at if you have corrections or additions. However, as I say above, please don't write to ask me to help you by providing additional information. While I know it's tempting, there are simply too many of those emails and they all have the same answer.