Living Persons

I try not to publish or share material on living individuals other than their names and gender, where known. Dates, places, notes and events are suppressed.

A person is considered deceased if there is any death information entered for them, or if their birth date was over 110 years ago. If a person is marked as deceased based solely upon the elapsed time since their birth date, then all their direct ancestors are also marked as deceased.

If you know that someone has died but don't know the date, let me know and I'll tag their entry so that it shows fully.

If you send me information, I will assume that publishing of names and genders of living persons is acceptable to you. All other information you provide on them will simply reside in my database "for posterity's sake". I will assume that all information about deceased individuals is freely publishable.

Mother's Maiden Name

This is a matter that, in my opinion, has more of an urban myth feel than reality.

However, let me say right up front that I will redact your mother's maiden name from the emitted files under the following circumstances:

Keep in mind that, if your mother is in the direct line of descent, her maiden name can easily be inferred from her parents, siblings, cousins, etc. I'm not willing to redact the entire family tree. So, in this case you may want to have your own name completely removed, which I will do if you ask.

Your parents' names are a matter of legal public record. Anyone can determine them if they choose to do so. In this day and age of the Internet, no one should be using anything that is public record as the answer to a security question. Most institutions have stopped asking you to provide it for that purpose but, should you encounter one that does, sound practice is simply to invent an answer. "My mother's maiden name?...Succotash"

That said, my aim is not to cause anyone discomfort, so I will tag the surname to be redacted if asked.


All sources are suppressed by default and I am slowly working through tagging some to be shown. Any with contact information will not be shown.

Just a reminder: much of the information is hearsay; treat it accordingly.