#2153 Elizabeth Mechling ( William MechlingJohn Jacob MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

Elizabeth was born Mar 1817 in Fairfield Co., Ohio. She died Mar 1867 in Shelby Co., Illinois. She was buried in Shelby Co., Illinois.

From The Descendants of Piercifor F. Richards and Elizabeth Mechling: A Collection of Family Storys, Some Old Photos With a Family Index by Fred F. Richards:

Elizabeth's father was not well pleased with Elizabeths's marriage to an older man who had very little of this worlds's goods. The Mechling family was substantial they were early settlers with large families The young couple moved to a cabin by themselves and setup housekeeping with very meager furnishings. One evening her brothers came to visit and brought a little iron pot and a feather bed which Elizabeth's mother had sent for them. That little pot was kept by Percifer and was given to Vernon who preserved the story and cared for the old relic.[...] Upon Vernon's death, the pot went to Elmer Stachli[...].

Elizabeth married #2497 Piercifor F. Richards.

Marriage notes

They married 28 Oct 1838 in Perry Co., Ohio.


Piercifor was born 20 Jan 1807 in England. He died 13 May 1886 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He was buried in Shelby Co., Illinois.

Children of this relationship:

#2498MiJohn T. Richards(1839–25 Feb 1863)
#2499MiiWilliam Mechling Richards(27 Oct 1840–12 Jan 1912)
#2500FiiiCatherine Elizabeth Richards(1842–Bef 1880)
#2501MivJosiah Vernon Richards(29 May 1845–11 Oct 1923)
#2502FvMargaret Caroline Richards(14 Feb 1847–17 Feb 1937)
#2503MviSamuel Sanford Richards(24 Apr 1848–18 Apr 1936)
#2504MviiFrancis Marion Richards(15 Jan 1850–27 Feb 1927)
#2505FviiiSarah A. Richards(15 May 1852–4 Mar 1878)
#2507FixIsabella Richards(12 Jul 1855–7 Mar 1872)
#2508MxTheodore Florence Richards(22 Dec 1857–5 Nov 1882)
#2509MxiRobert Franklin Richards(29 Sep 1860–26 Jan 1879)

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Relationship: Second Cousins Five Times Removed through Diebold "Theobald" Mechling