#68725 Denise Clark ( Donna Marie MechlingDaniel Phelan MechlingHiram Kiser MechlingGeorge W. MechlingPhilip J. MechlingPhilip Jonas MechlingPhilip MechlingDiebold "Theobald" MechlingDiebold MechlingMartin Mechling )

Other names for Denise: Denise Clark Guzman.

Denise was born 20 May 1952. She died 14 Oct 2014.

From her obituary:

She passed away peacefully on October 17, 2014 due to the effects of contracting influenza-meningitis and polio at the age of 18 months. These conditions left her with the struggle of uncontrollable epileptic seizures. Her family decided to relocate from Afton, Wyoming to Pleasant Grove, Utah giving her the opportunity to receive care at Primary Children's Hospital where much of her childhood was spent. Despite her struggles, Denise graduated from Pleasant Grove High School. As an adult, Denise made the choice to have invasive brain surgery in hopes of controlling her seizures. The surgery was unsuccessful and Denise was left unable to care for herself. She spent the rest of her life at Orem Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Her body was donated to the University of Utah Medical Center.

Denise (relationship status suppressed while one person possibly living) #68737 «Unknown».

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Children of this relationship:

#68732MiDanny Marshall 

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"Donna Marie Mechling Marshall", obituary, The Duluth Herald, Duluth, Minnesota, 10 Aug 2017.

Line Generation: 11

Relationship: Seventh Cousins through Diebold "Theobald" Mechling